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Video surveillance system

Quality in video surveillance systems is the highest priority in product selection. Therefore, the supply of equipment with the well-known Dhaua brand with a valid guarantee is done by Sepehr Network to cover the needs of customers.

Network and wireless communication

Having a reputable representative of well-known companies such as MIKROTIK and MIMOSA, has provided all product categories of these two brands in the country and guarantees these products by its experts.

Fiber optic and passive network equipment

All items and equipment required to set up a fiber optic network, including micro-duct, fiber optics, patch cords, as well as measuring and fusion equipment with competitive quality and price can be provided. Also, the passive equipment required in networks such as network cables and other various patch cords can be provided using internal power.

Telecommunication network

Sepehr Shabka Company has brilliant experience in supplying and launching telecommunication infrastructure in national projects in the infrastructures of different provinces such as Tehran, Isfahan, East and West Azerbaijan, Semnan, Markazi, etc., using the equipment of the reputable Huawei and ZTE brands. Be.

Some of the main features of Sepehr Espadana Network Company

Our products

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