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As far as the best brands on the security camera system market, Hikvision and Dahua rank among the best providers of security cameras and related products in the world

Which is better, Hikvision or Dahua Cameras?

Comparing Hikvision and Dahua modern security cameras

Typically, the short and simple answer is that Dahua cameras generally are for residential and small business installation due to affordability. Conversely, Hikvision cameras are usually used in larger businesses and commercial operations. Both, however, are known to offer affordable yet capable options throughout the market. Furthermore, as both are original equipment manufacturers (OEM), their products are also technically present across multiple countries by different names. However, when explicitly focusing on their security cameras, there is not as much difference beyond the slightly technical. Here, we go into somewhat more detail on the specifics between the two and provide those in consideration between the two with distinctly more information.

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